The Hourly Customer Activity Report allows you to view and compare customer activity that occurs through the Till over a date range, including a choice of days of week and time period on those days.

This report allows review and comparison of customer activity trends within one report instead of having to collate information from many other sources.

From the Reporting module:

1. Click the Total Sales menu and select B. Hourly Customer Activity Report.

The Hourly Customer Activity Report window is displayed.

2. Enter a Starting Date and Ending Date to select a report date range.

3. Enter the hourly Trading Period From & To. The default value is the earliest and latest times set in Trading Hours.

4. Check the required day(s) of the week of interest.

5. Check the Display Average GP% if required. 

Note: This is the average GP for the associated transactions collated for the report.

6. Click the Report On dropdown and select All Salespersons to report on all store pharmacists, or Per Salesperson to report on either a single salesperson or range of salespersons.

7. Check the Separate Page checkbox to display each salesperson on a separate report page (Only available when running report Per salesperson).

8. Click Okay to run the report.

Example Reports: