Ensure you have followed Set up a Hospital before proceeding with these steps.

A patient can be added to a Hospital from multiple Minfos locations e.g. Customer Management, Dispense Pro, the Dispense Form is used in this article.

1. From the Dispense Form, select a patient.

2. Click Change f3 to edit the patient profile.

The Customer Editing window is displayed.3. Click on the Carer tab.

4. Click the Type of Carer dropdown, select Hospital.

5. Enter the Name or Code of the hospital, press [Tab], if the search window opens, select the correct hospital from the list and click Okay.

6. Enter the Ward No., if required.

7. Enter the Bed Number, Unit Record No, if required.

8. Enter the Admitted and Release date, if required.9. Click OK to save and close.