This report will give you a detailed history of scripts dispensed for a date range. You can choose to report on all scripts or break this down to Concessional, Entitlement etc. This report can also give you a detailed view on all scripts dispensed to patients in a carer e.g. Nursing Home and patients not in care.

From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the Reports menu, click 2. Scripts and select 1. Dispensing History.

Tip: This report can also be run from the Dispense Reporting module. Click the Dispensing menu and select 5. Prescriptions.

The Dispensing History Report window is displayed.2. Enter the required Starting Date and Ending Date.

3. Click the Format dropdown and select one of the following options

  • 0. All scripts in Dispensed Order
  • 1. All Government Scripts
  • 2. General Scripts
  • 3. Concessional Scripts
  • 4. Repatriation Scripts
  • 5. Entitlement Scripts
  • 6. Doctor's Bag Scripts
  • 7. Private Scripts
  • 8. Under Co Payable Scripts
  • 9. Under Co Non-Payable Scripts

4. Check the Detailed checkbox to include all script information e.g. Directions.

5. Check the Carer Type Sub-Totals checkbox to split the report to display patients in care e.g. Nursing Home, Hospital and patients not in care.

6. Check the Include deferred scripts checkbox to include deferred scripts.

7. Click Okay to run the report.

Report Examples

All scripts in dispensed order, no detailAll scripts in dispensed order, with detailAll scripts in dispensed order, with carer sub totals