The Account Payment Reconciliation option allows Head Office to reconcile centralised customer account payments that have been received via methods other than Direct Debit e.g. Bank Transfer. This option replaces the need to process each Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit Account Payment via the Till module on a non-till workstation.

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Functions menu and select 7. Account Payment Reconciliation.

The Account Payment Reconciliation window is displayed.

2. Click the Select store dropdown and select the required store, or leave on All stores and press [Tab] to display the CCA customers. By default only customers with an outstanding balance are displayed as well as their current outstanding balance. Uncheck the Hide Paid Accounts checkbox to display all account customers.

3. Select the accounts you want to mark as 1. Pay. You can do this several ways:

  • Highlight a single account with the keyboard arrow keys and then click Mark Pay
  • To highlight multiple accounts by hold down [Shift] or [Ctrl] and click the customer, and then click Mark Pay
  • Click the corresponding Amount Paying field and enter the amount the customer paid, the Action is updated to 1.Pay

  • Click Select All (click Deselect All to unhighlight)

The Total displays the total amount for all customers with the Action set to 1. Pay.

4. Click OK to perform the Action marked against the accounts.

The Summary is displayed.

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Note: Only one payment on each account can be made per day, the Action will display Pending until the next day.
  • A transaction will be made against each account for the amount shown using the General clerk code at the corresponding Master store

  • The Direct Deposit credit card will be used to record the transactions on the Till Summary at the corresponding Master store

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