Use this process to write off an unrecoverable customer account balance, this differs from an Account Adjustment and will not affect sales reports and the Till Summary and Previous Takings reports will display amounts written off in a separate credit card without affecting your sales reports.


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Ensure you have followed the appropriate steps in the Set up Minfos to allow for Bad Debt Write off before following this procedure.

From the Minfos Till:

1. Enter your Clerk Code and press [Enter].

2. Click A/c Pay.

The Customer Account Payment window is displayed. 3. Click Change Customer.

The Customer Account Search Window is displayed.

4. Search for and highlight the relevant customer account. 

5. Click the Payment Type dropdown and select 2. Card.

6. Enter the amount to be written off in the Amount Paying field.

7. Enter BD (or the Bad Debts Credit Card code as previously set up) in the Credit Card field and then press [Tab].

The Bad Debts Write Off Credit Card is displayed in the Customer Account Payment window. A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated8. Click Enter to finalise the Account Payment.

9. We recommend you review the Account Status for this customer and update to either Inactive or Suspended