There are times where you need to make an adjustment to a customer account, either to take off an amount or add on an amount where the customer is not being returned or sold a product.

You can use this process to adjust an account to $0 owing before removing the account, however we recommend you follow Set up Minfos to allow for Bad Debt Write Off and Write off a Customer Account as a Bad Debt.

We recommend you use the !950 – Account Adjustment stock card that is most likely already in your database:

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Note: If this stock card does not exist in your database, you can add it yourself, refer to Add Local Products to Product Maintenance manually if more info is required.

This stock card can be charged to the customer’s account via the Till.

From the Minfos Till:

1. Enter your Clerk Code and press [Enter].

2. In the Product field enter 950 (or the name or product number of the locally added Account Adjustment stock card) and press [Enter].

3. In the Quantity field enter either -1 (to reduce the amount owing on the account) or 1 (to increase the amount owing on the account) and press [Enter].

4. In the Unit Price field enter the dollar amount required, if a negative quantity was used there is no need to enter another -.

5. To record a reason for the account adjustment, click Add Note. If no record is required skip to step 7.

Note: This note will print on the receipt (and all receipt re-prints) and all customer reports including interim statements and monthly statements.

The Add Note to Sale window is displayed.

6. Enter the required note and press [Enter].

The Till is re-displayed.

7. Click Account.

The Customer Account Search Window is displayed.

8. Search for and select the required account customer.

The Customer Account window is displayed.A screenshot of a computer

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9. Confirm the details are correct and press [Enter].

10. You will need to adjust the stock on hard for stock card !950 Account Adjustment back to 0 immediately or prior to your next stocktake.