A product’s A.R. Prod. Code will need to be altered if the product is being generated in the wrong Order content type.

For Example
A dispensary product is being generated in a Retail generated order.
A retail product is being generated in a Dispensary generated order.

To change the A.R. Product Code:

Tip: The A.R. Product code can be changed from any module where there is Stock Card access e.g Order Maintenance, Product Quick Fix.

From Product Maintenance:

1. Click Find or 1. Advanced Search to search for the product.

2. Highlight the product and click Change.

The Product Edit window is displayed.

3. Select the Categories tab.

4. In the A.R Prod. Code field, type the letter S (for Sales) and press [Tab].

The Product Search Window is displayed.

5. Highlight the relevant A.R. Product Code:

  • Sale1000 – Sales Dispensary POS  


  • Sale2000 – Sales Retail  POS

6. Click Okay.

7. Click OK to save and close the Product Edit window.