A.R. Product Codes
Change A.R. Product Codes
Create an order using the Wireless Scanner
Edit an order using the Wireless Scanner
Order Templates overview
Add an Order Template
Change an Order Template
Order Maintenance Overview
Delete an Order Template
Generate an Order from an Order Template
Redirect an Order
Merge an Order
Collect Electronic Invoices
Complete Electronic Invoice
Mark off Symbion Orders by Tote
Receipt an order using the Wireless Scanner
Create a Manual Invoice
Complete a Manual Invoice
Retail Units
Apply a discount amount to an invoice
Apply Bonus Stock to an Order
Clear Discounts and Bonus Stock from an Order
Bonus Stock: Average out Unit Cost in Product Maintenance
Bonus Stock: Create Negative and Positive Invoice
Reverse an Order
Create a Stock Transfer customer (A.R. Customer)
Add a Pharmacy as a Supplier for Transfers
Stock Transfer Process
Print an invoice from a previous Stock Transfer
Reverse or delete a completed Stock Transfer
Manage Manual Credits
Manage Agreed Percentage Value Credits
Swap Direct Supplier Stock
Manage dated or damaged stock
FIFO (First in, First out): An Introduction