Log into the Minfos wireless scanner

 1. Double click the Minfos PDA Server icon on your workstation to open the PDA Server.

2. On the wireless scanner device select the shortcut to PDAClient. The Minfos wireless scanner software is launched and the Login screen is displayed.

3. In the User ID textbox, enter your user ID e.g. BR1.

4. In the Password textbox, enter your password e.g. BR1.

5. Select the Login button to log in to the Minfos wireless scanner software. Alternatively, select the Cancel button, to close the Minfos wireless scanner software.

Receipt an order

The Receipt Order tab of the Ordering screen enables you to select one or more orders and receipt received stock against those orders.

The order must be marked as Received or have been electronically collected via Pharm X.

To receipt one or more orders:

1. In the Order(s) being received textbox, enter the details of the order or orders that you want to search for. You can enter all or part of the:

  • Order number
  • Invoice number
  • Order description

2. Select the Search button.

The Order Search screen is displayed and is populated with the orders from Order Maintenance that match the details you entered on the previous screen.

Note: If you select the magnifying glass button without entering details in the Order/s being received text box, the Order Search screen is populated with a list of the orders in your Minfos database that have the status Received.

3. Select the checkboxes next to the order(s) that you want to receipt, and then select the Okay button.

The selected order numbers are then displayed on the Receipt Order tab, and additional fields to enable you to receipt stock are displayed on the Receipt Order tab.

Alternatively, click the Cancel button, to abandon your selection.

Receipt Products

Manually receipt a product to an order

1. After you have scanned or selected a product

  • Product displays the barcode of the product with the name displayed below.
  • Received enables you to specify the quantity of the product to receipt, it will default to 1 and be highlighted.
  • New displays the total quantity of the product in the selected orders, and the total quantity that you have receipted, in the following format: <total receipted>/<total quantity on the order>

 2. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the quantity of the selected product to be receipted in the Received textbox. 

3. Click the Receive button.

The selected product and entered quantity is then receipted against the selected order(s).

Details about the most recent product that you have receipted are displayed at the bottom of the Receipt Order tab.

Note: If more than one of the orders you are receipting contain the product you receipt, then the product will be marked as received on the order with the lowest order number (that is, the oldest order) first, then the next lowest, and so on. Once you have receipted the correct total quantity of the product, the product will be marked as received on all of the selected orders.

Automatically receipt products when scanned

The Auto function enables you to automatically receipt a quantity of 1 as soon as you scan a product, so that you can scan products one after another without stopping to enter quantities.

1. To enable the Auto Append function, select the Auto checkbox before scanning any products. To disable the Auto Append function, de-select the Auto checkbox.

2. After you have scanned or selected a product:

a. Product will quickly display the barcode and name of the product scanned, and 1 item has been marked as receipted.

  1. To receipt a bulk quantity, for example 6 items packed together, scan 1 and the screen will display Received 1/6. Then in the received text box enter 5 and click the Receive button to update the total quantity of the product to be Received 6/6.

b. Received will populate with the quantity of 1.

c. New display remains blank.

d. Screen will display Received quantity/total quantity of the product on the order/s.

e. In the Product textbox, the last barcode scanned will be highlighted, ready for the next product to be receipted.

View products receipted on the Order Editing screen

After receipting the products, the order can be viewed in Order Maintenance to compare the Received quantity vs the Quantity collected (or entered) from the supplier.

From Order Maintenance:

1. Highlight the invoice required and click Change.

The Order Editing window is displayed.In the Order Editing window, product lines are displayed in:

  • Red text, if the Received column does not match the Qty column. The Received column is the quantity of products receipted with the Wireless scanner. The Qty column is the quantity collected (or entered) from the supplier
Note: Follow your pharmacies usual procedure for short sent or over sent stock from a supplier; e.g. apply for a credit and then follow your normal credit procedure.
  • Blue (stocked products) or Black (not stocked products) text, if the Received and Qty columns match
Note: If you do not receipt enough stock, or you receipt too much stock, the Received column cannot be adjusted in the Order Editing window, but it is not required. When the invoice is completed as per the normal order completion procedure, the stock on hand is adjusted by the Qty column not the Received column.

2. Complete the order as per your normal store process, with the invoice highlight click Complete.The Order Confirmation window is displayed, note an extra section will display the received information for that invoice. The SOH is updated from the Quantity column of the order not the Received column.