The order feature of the Minfos App has been designed to allow pharmacy staff to ‘walk the store’ and create a simple order from their mobile device. The order will need to be reviewed/edited and transmitted to the supplier via Order Maintenance. The quantity is not validated in the mobile app (minimum order quantities, retail units etc. are ignored).

Tip: Minfos best practice is to use Order Generation to create your orders. Please refer to Generate an order for more information.

Minfos mobile App ordering features:

When the first product for that day is added to an order via the Minfos App, the order is created in Order Maintenance for the preferred supplier from the products’ stock card and has a DescriptionApp dd/mm/yy”.
 As other items are scanned on the same day for the same preferred supplier, these will be added to the already created order.

A new App order will be created when:

  • The order Description or Status is changed, e.g. the order is transmitted
  • If today’s App order is open for editing in Order Maintenance 
  • Products are added that have different preferred suppliers. New orders will be created for each of those suppliers. They will have the same description i.e. 'App dd/mm/yy'

If an item is added to the order that has already been added, the quantities will increase against the existing entry.

  • For example: If, via the Minfos App, eight Lipitor Tab 20mg are added to an order at 8.30am, then an hour later another 10 Lipitor Tab 20mg are added via the Minfos App, then the total quantity of Lipitor Tab 20mg in that order is 18

The Minfos App orders are date specific and will create an order for that preferred supplier for the current date. There may be multiple 'App orders' in the created state for the same supplier but different days.

  • For example: If eight Lipitor Tab 20mg (preferred supplier Symbion) are added to an order via the Minfos App on the 01/03/20, there will be a created order for SymbionPty Ltd with the description App 01/03/20. The next day, the same product is added to an order from the Minfos App with a quantity of 10, another order for Symbion with the description 'App 02/03/20' will be created

Both stocked and not stocked products can be added to an order via the Minfos mobile App.

App dd/mm/yy orders can be merged into the ‘daily’ generated orders in Order Maintenance for review before transmitting the order. Refer to Merge an Order for further guidance. 

Order with the Minfos App

1. Open the Minfos App on your mobile device and log in, click here to learn how.

2. Select Order from the Select a task screen.

The Place item on order screen is displayed.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

3. Search for the product doing one of the following:

a. Click here to launch the camera.

  • You can also scan the product barcode if the device has a scanner

  • Scan the product barcode
  • Select Cancel to close the camera


b. Search for the product by typing in the barcode or name.

Graphical user interface, application, Word

Description automatically generated

  • The Minfos App will display a list of possible matches, or exact matches, depending on the search method. Click the X to reset the search

c. Select the correct product from the list on screen.

The Place item on order screen is displayed with the selected/scanned product.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

5. Enter the required Order Qty.

a. To clear the Order Qty field before saving, select Clear. The product will remain selected.

b. Select Save to add the product to the order.

c. Select the back arrow to return to the Select a task screen.

  • The product is added to that days/suppliers App DD/MM/YY order in Order Maintenance
  • The Quick order added successfully prompt is displayed

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  • If the Camera was used to scan the product, the camera will automatically re-open to scan the next product

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to continue to put products on order.
7. Navigate to Order Maintenance to review, edit and transmit the order/s created via the Minfos App.