Log into the Minfos wireless scanner

 1. Open the Minfos PDA Server icon on your workstation.

2. Select the shortcut to PDAClient. The Minfos wireless scanner software is launched and the Login screen is displayed.

3. In the User ID textbox, enter your user ID number e.g. BR1.

4. In the Password textbox, enter your password e.g. BR1.

5. Select the Login button to log in to the Minfos wireless scanner software. Alternatively, select the Cancel button, to close the Minfos wireless scanner software.

Create an order

To display the Ordering screen, click the Ordering tab at the top of the Minfos wireless scanner software. The Create Order tab of the Ordering screen enables you to create an order for a specific supplier, and add products to that order.

To create an order

1. In the Supplier textbox, enter all or part of the name of a supplier (or the supplier code if known), and then select the magnifying glass button. Magnifying glass.png

The Supplier Search window is displayed.

The on-screen keyboard is displayed, by default. To hide the on-screen keyboard, select the keyboard button. Keyboard button.png

2. Select the required supplier from the list and then click the Okay button, to close the Supplier Search window.

The selected supplier is displayed in the Supplier textbox on the Create Order tab. Alternatively, select the Cancel button to abandon your entry.

3. Click the Create button.

The order is created and an order number is automatically generated. The order number is displayed in the Order Number textbox.

Add a product to a new order

1. In the Product textbox, either scan the product barcode, enter the product number or part of the name, and then click the Search button to search.

The Product Search screen is displayed.

2. On the Product Search screen, highlight the required product and then click the ok button at the top of the screen.

The details of the selected product then populate on the screen.

The screen displays the following:

  • Product displays the barcode of the product.
  • Name displays the name of the product.
  • SOH displays your current stock on hand.
  • The Stocked checkbox is selected for stocked product. If the product is not stocked, the checkbox is not selected.


Change the stock on hand of the selected product

1. To adjust your SOH, click in the Actual SOH textbox and enter the correct quantity.

2. Click the Update button.

Specify whether the selected product is stocked

The Stocked checkbox is selected for stocked products. If the product is not stocked, the check box is not selected.
1. Click the Stocked checkbox to alter the current stocked status.

2. Click Update to confirm your stocked status change.

Add the selected product to the order

1. Enter the quantity required to be ordered in the Ordered Qty textbox.

The minimum order quantity and order multiples are displayed in brackets above the Ordered Qty textbox.

2. Click the Add button.

Details about the most recent product you added to the order are displayed at the bottom of the Add Order tab.