Till Basics

Till Basics video - Create a sale
Till Basics video - Process payments
Till Basics video - Frequently used functions
Add a Salesperson
Start the Minfos Till
Sell multiples of the same product
Sell a prescription to a customer
Sell prescriptions for multiple customers
Check a price at the Till
Use Hotkeys at the Till
Sell an NDSS item at the Till
Delete a product from a sale
Cancel a sale
Hold a sale
Process a cash sale
Process EFTPOS sale with no cash out
Process EFTPOS sale with cash out
Process card sale with no cash given
Process mixed tender sales
Process an account sale
Process a cheque sale
Reprint a receipt
Open the Till drawer without processing a sale
Process an account payment
End of day procedures
Till Keyboard Shortcuts Strip
Scan Totals Label at the Till
Add a Note to a Sales transaction at the Till
Display a Message at the Till
Set up eReceipts
How to Send an eReceipt via Email
Send eReceipts by email - video
How to Send an eReceipt via SMS
Send an eReceipt for a previously completed transaction
eReceipts Audit Log