Till Basics

Till Basics video - Create a sale
Till Basics video - Process payments
Till Basics video - Frequently used functions
Add a Salesperson
Start the Minfos Till
Sell multiples of the same product
Sell a prescription to a customer
Sell prescriptions for multiple customers
Check a price at the Till
Use Hotkeys at the Till
Sell an NDSS item at the Till
Delete a product from a sale
Cancel a sale
Hold a sale
Process a cash sale
Process EFTPOS sale with no cash out
Process EFTPOS sale with cash out
Process card sale with no cash given
Process an account sale
Process a cheque sale
Process mixed tender sales
Reprint a receipt
Open the Till drawer without processing a sale
Process an account payment
End of day procedures
Till Keyboard Shortcuts Strip
Scan Totals Label at the Till
Add a Note to a Sales transaction at the Till
Display a Message at the Till
Set up eReceipts
How to Send an eReceipt via Email
Send eReceipts by email - video
How to Send an eReceipt via SMS
Send an eReceipt for a previously completed transaction
eReceipts Audit Log