Place a sale on hold

  • Only one sale for each sales clerk can be placed on hold at any given time
  • A total of four sales can be placed on hold at any given time
  • A hire item cannot be placed on hold

From the Minfos Till, with products added to a sale:

1. Click Hold.

The HOLD SALE prompt is displayed.2. Click Yes, to confirm the sale hold. The sale closes.

Note A sales clerk with a sale on hold has a green H icon shown against their clerk name. A sales clerk attempting to put a second sale on hold will be prompted that their previous sale will be lost.

Take a sale off hold

1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter. 

2. Click Hold. 

The Held Sales Selection is displayed. 3. Select the sales clerk who placed the required sale on hold.

Note You can only take your own sale off hold, unless your clerk type is Supervisor.

4. Click Okay. The previously held sale is shown on the sale screen.

5. Complete the sale as normal.