1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter.

2. Scan the product barcode. Alternatively, search for products using the keyboard.

3. Click Account on the right hand side.

Tip: If the sale total is 0.00, but it still needs to be recorded on the account, select Total. The End Sale Menu is displayed. Select 3. Customer A/c.

The Customer Account Search window is displayed.

Note: Active and Suspended accounts are displayed, suspended accounts display in red.

4. Select the corresponding customer, then click Enter.

Note: If a Suspended account is selected the following Error prompt is displayed:

The Customer Account window is displayed with customer account holder details listed; this may differ from the customer you selected if it is a Linked Account.

5. Click Enter to charge the transaction to the customer’s account.

a. If the transaction will cause the account to exceed the set credit limit the prompt below is displayed.

b. To override the account limit, click 1. Yes.

c. If the salesperson has 'Override A/C Limit' permissions the transaction will be finalised. Salespeople who do not have this permission require a Supervisor PIN to be entered.

6. Two copies of the receipt will print.

Tip: You can Configure the Till drawer to only open for cash transactions.

7. Ensure the first receipt is signed by the customer and retained as a record of the transaction. Supply the customer with the second receipt. If you need another copy of the receipt, click Reprint Docket.

8. Click Okay, to return to a new sale window.