Set up the Minfos Robotics API
View your robot stock on hand
Search for a robot drug
Remove products from your Minfos robotic drugs database
Specify number of packs delivered when dispensing with Minfos Robotics
Dispense a Reg 24 script with Minfos Robotics
Dispense a deferred script with Minfos Robotics
Receive an owing script with Minfos Robotics
Edit a script & change the drug using Minfos Robotics
Deliver a drug from the robot while dispensing
Robot Ordering Process
Receipt an order directly into your robot
Stocktake your Robot
Export your robotic drugs list
Edit stock on hand from the Robot Drug List
Robot Category and Product Management
Change Robotic Chute for a workstation
Turn off Robotic Chute on a workstation