Stock kept in the robot should be allocated to its own Location (or another category), to assist when a stocktake is run via stocktake sheets.

Ensure staff are aware that there may always be a difference between Minfos SOH and robot SOH.

This is due to the Robot SOH only reporting on the quantity in the Robot and not if a product is kept in the Robot and on a shelf. Minfos SOH also includes the committed stock that a customer has not yet paid for.

For example, Amoxil Cap 500mg is kept in the robot, plus on the fast mover’s shelf in the dispensary and there are uncollected scripts waiting at the till the Robot Stock column and SOH column will not be the same.

Committed stock can be seen in Product Maintenance, the Drug Recall Window and the Product Stock on Hand Edit window.

The below example indicates there are 3 packs of Apo-Atorvastatin 40mg in the Pharmacy; 2 on the shelf or robot and 1 waiting at the Till.

Note: You must ensure any stock where the invoice has been completed in Minfos Order Maintenance, has also been loaded into the robot and vice versa. If the stock has been loaded into the robot, you must ensure the invoice has been completed in Order Maintenance.

Stocktake from the Robotics Drugs List Maintenance window

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Dispense menu and select Robot Drug Database.

The Robotics Drugs List Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Show will default to All. Click the drop-down menu and select Robot Out of Stock.

3. Review this list.

  1. If there are any products where the Robot Stock is zero, and you no longer keep that product in the robot, highlight and click Delete. If stock of this product is loaded into the Robot in the future, it will synch and will be populated in this list.
  2. If there are products where there is Robot Stock, but you no longer want to keep it in the robot, click Deliver until the Robot Stock is zero and then click Delete to delete it from this list.

4. Click the Show dropdown and select Stock on Hand <> Robot Stock.

The Robotics Drug List Maintenance window is updated and now displays a list of products where the Minfos stock on hand is different to the Robot Stock.

5. These products should be reviewed and investigated, to work out why the Robot Stock and the SOH differ.

6. If there is a valid reason the Robot and Minfos differ, then no action is required i.e. the product is kept in the Robot and on a shelf in the dispensary.

7. If Minfos SOH is incorrect, highlight the product and click the Edit Qty button.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window is displayed.

8. Make any necessary adjustments to the Qty Counted field.

9. Select a Reason for Change from the dropdown and click the Okay button.

The SOH in Minfos will update to reflect the change and the counted date is updated.

10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 for all products where the stock on hand differs between the Robot and Minfos.

11. The Robot can now be marked as stocktaked.

Mark products as Stocktaked from the Robot Drug List   

From the Robotic Drugs List Maintenance window, with Stock on hand <> Robot Stock selected:

Note: Ensure all stock on hand variances have been reviewed before proceeding.

1. Click Stocktake.

The Stocktake Robot Stock window is displayed.


2. Leave the Update Minfos SOH to the robot SOH checkbox unselected.

3. Click Okay

All drugs in the Robotic Drug List will be marked as Stocktaked. The SOH in Minfos will remain as it is, the Robot Stock will remain as it is. The Counted Date will update in Minfos, this allows Not counted stocktake report to be run.

Update the Minfos SOH to match the Robot SOH      

The Minfos SOH can be updated to match the SOH as displayed in the robot and then marked on the Robotic Drug List as Stocktaked. This is not in line with best practice Robot stocktake processes.

1. Select Stock on hand <> Robot Stock from the Show dropdown list.

2. Review and address the SOH discrepancies in the list.

3. Click Stocktake.

The Stocktake Robot Stock window is displayed.

4. Select the Update Minfos SOH to the robot SOH checkbox.

Note: If you have not addressed the discrepancies in step 2, then this option is likely to cause further SOH issues. We strongly recommend ensuring that you have reviewed the list before selecting this option.
Warning This process cannot be reversed. Before proceeding, ensure you have reviewed uncollected scripts, stock not kept in the robot and completed all orders in Minfos.

The Warning prompt is displayed.

5. Click Yes.

6. The Minfos SOH has been updated to match the SOH as displayed in the robot.

Note: Where there is a committed quantity and you have chosen to over-ride the Minfos SOH to match the Robot SOH then the committed quantity will be subtracted from the SOH.

For example:

The SOH in Minfos = 4 (+1) (total = 5) and the robot SOH for Product A is 3.
When SOH is updated with the Robot Stock checkbox selected:

The SOH in Minfos = 2 (+1) (total = 3) and the robot SOH for Product A is 3.

This is the same behaviour as if the quantity was adjusted via the Edit Qty dialog.

The Product Audit Report reflects the change.