Script cancellation errors

If there is a PBS Rejection related to cancelling a prescription, it will now display in the PBS Online Status Panel on the Dispense Form.

If you receive a PBS Rejection for a deleted prescription, we recommend you re-transmit the script and if that doesn't resolved the rejection, please contact Minfos Support.


Use the Minfos Customer profile information when signing up a new Loyalty member

To make it quicker and easier to sign up loyalty members, you can now use the customer profile in Minfos to prefill the details required when signing up a new loyalty member.
To configure this option refer to Adjust the new Loyalty Member details configuration.

Note: If you are a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy when you update to 8.0.2 this configuration option is automatically selected.

Once configured:

  • If the customer is already selected at the Till e.g. via a script or the Select Customer option, and they wish to sign up for your loyalty program, when you click Add Member the Add Member consent prompt is displayed. Click OK and the customer’s details are pre-populated in the Add member window
  • If a customer is not pre-selected at the Till, from the Add member window, click the new Select Customer option. The Minfos Customer Search Window is displayed, select the appropriate customer. The Add Member consent prompt is displayed. Click OK and the Add member window is updated and displays the relevant customer information from your Minfos database e.g. Mobile number, Email, Title, First Name, Surname, Address and DOB

Refer to Add a Loyalty member for detailed information on this feature.

New configuration option to adjust the default search field when using Find Member

You can adjust the default search option from Member ID to Phone # when using Find Member at the Till.

Note: If you are a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy when you update to 8.0.2 this configuration option is updated automatically to Phone #.

Refer to Update Default Loyalty Find member search option to update your configuration.

Enhanced loyalty member search window results

The loyalty Customer Search Window has been enlarged to allow both Suburb and State (where populated) to display.

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Resolved Issues

  1. Charging a CTG script to Third Party Packing will no longer report a Major Balance Error in the Till Summary.
  2. Downloaded scripts will now omit spaces in the Concession Card number so it can be saved correctly.
  3. The correct full price will now be displayed for certain drugs.
  1. Sales Notes added against a customer’s account transaction will no longer appear under Opening Balances for certain accounts.