Electronic receipts (eReceipts) can be a convenient option for customers, allowing them to easily access and store their receipts. It can also help your pharmacy to move toward more paperless processes.

SMS eReceipts are managed by a third party provider.  For information about emailing eReceipts, which do not require  third party integration, see How to send an eReceipt via email

Note SMS eReceipts can only be sent to Australian mobile numbers. 

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Send an eReceipt from the Till

1. Process your sale as normal.

2. Finalise the transaction.

3. If configured, the eReceipts window will automatically display.

Note This configuration is managed by your third party provider. If you do not have the eReceipts dialog configured to automatically display, you can manually select the eReceipts button on the Change screen, see step 6. 

a. If the customer does not want an eReceipt, click Esc and process the sale as normal. Either:

i. The docket will then print.


ii. You will be prompted to print the docket if the transaction is under your Prompt for Docket Threshold. Refer to Set up Optional Docket Printing at Till for more information.


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b. If the customer would like an eReceipt, either:

i. Check the prefilled phone number is correct. If necessary, update the phone number.

If a customer was selected during the sale and a mobile number exists in their Minfos or Loyalty customer profiles, the eReceipt window will automatically populate with the customer’s number. A customer can be selected during a transaction by Till options Loyalty, Select Customer, Scripts, Account or Lay By. If multiple customers were selected during the sale, then the contact details of the last customer selected will populate the eReceipt dialog.


ii. Enter the number into the Mobile Number field.

The Send button is enabled when the correct number of digits is entered.

4. Click Send.

If the phone number is updated, the Update Customer Details prompt will display.

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5. Click either Yes or No.

Note updating the customer’s profile will update the contact details in their Minfos profile, it will not update the customer’s loyalty account, which can be updated via a separate process. See Edit Loyalty member details 

The eReceipt will send to the phone number entered, and the Change window will display.

If the customer opts for an eReceipt, the docket will not automatically print, however you can still print a copy from the Change screen, if required.


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6. Click eReceipt to send another copy of the docket via SMS.

7. Click Reprint Docket to print a paper receipt.

8. Click Okay to start a new sale.


The eReceipt Dialog Popup configuration is managed by your third party provider. If you would like to change the behaviour of when the eReceipt dialog displays, i.e. whether it pops up automatically at the end of the sale, contact your third party provider for support.

If there is a problem and a customer does not receive an eReceipt when expected, you can use the eReceipt Audit Log to find where the issue occurred, and who to contact for support. See eReceipts Audit Log