The process of reversing an invoice can be used if:

  • An invoice has been completed twice in error
  • An invoice has been completed incorrectly
  • A credit has been applied for an entire completed invoice

1. From Stock Manager, click the Order Maintenance icon.

The Order Maintenance window is displayed.2. Click Completed Orders

The Order Maintenance - Completed Orders window is displayed. All previously completed invoices are displayed in grey font and by default, the last completed order is highlighted and displayed at the top of the page.

3. Click Find to search for the invoice.The Search window is displayed.4. Enter the required invoice number and click Okay.

Note Click Enquire on the highlighted order to display the contents of the order and ensure that the correct invoice is being selected.

5. Highlight the order and click Copy.

The Copy Order prompt is displayed.
6. Click Yes to continue.

The Order Editing window is displayed.a. Add in the Invoice number of the order being reversed with the leading letter C. Entering a at the beginning of the invoice number makes it easier to identify it as a credit invoice and prevents an extra prompt when completing the invoice. 

b. Enter a Description for the invoice reversal.

c. Enter a Sales Rep, if required.

d. Highlight each product in the invoice and click Change.

The Order Detail window is displayed.

7. Enter the current quantity as a negative quantity.

8. Click Okay to save.

9. Repeat steps 6d to 9 for each product that needs to be adjusted.

Note: Ensure that the Total GST and Total (Inc. GST) amounts remain the same.

10. Highlight and click Delete to remove any products where a credit is not required.

Note: Once all products have been adjusted to a negative quantity, ensure the GST amount and the invoice negative total amount, balances with the initial total amount entered.

11. Click Okay to continue.The Order Maintenance - Competed Orders window is displayed. 

12. Click Cancel to return to Order Maintenance.

Complete the invoice as per normal process.

a. Highlight the order and click Issue.

The order will update and display in Blue as an Issued order.

b. Highlight the order and click Received.

i. Click Yes on the Receive Order prompt to continue.

 The order will update and display in Green as a Received order.

c. Highlight the order and click Complete.

The Order Confirmation window is displayed.

Ensure all information is correct before proceeding.

The Invoice total should display a negative total for the same amount which the initial invoice was entered in at.

13. Click Okay to complete the order.The Order Confirmation prompt is displayed.

14. Click Yes to complete the order.

The invoice has now been reversed.

By completing this invoice the stock on hand has been adjusted accordingly and removed at the correct unit cost that it had been initially completed in at.