The action of merging an order in Minfos allows a user to take two existing orders and merge into one.

Orders that are in the same status can be merged together. For example, two created orders can be merged together or two received orders can be merged. Orders with an issued status cannot be merged.

Merging orders can be useful for combining multiple back orders into your daily order enabling you to transmit a single order as well as merging multiple created orders that are required to be transmitted to the same supplier as one order.

Note The master order will maintain all supplier information. The slave order will adopt the supplier information from the merged master order.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click Stock Manager.

2. Click Order Maintenance.

a. Make note of the slave Order No.3. Highlight the Master order and click Z. Merge.4. The Merge Orders window is displayed.

a. Enter the order number of the slave order, then press [Tab].

b. Check the Continue check box.

5. Click Okay.

The Order Maintenance window is displayed with the merged order highlighted.
6. Click Change to make any required adjustments to the order.

The Order Editing window is displayed, with the master Supplier and Supplier PDEs in the PDE column.