This process should be followed for orders/invoices which are not sent and collected through PharmX.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Stock Manager.

2. Click Order Maintenance.

3. Click Add to create an invoice.

The Order Entry window is displayed.4. Ensure that the following information is entered:

a. Enter the Supplier code or supplier name to select the supplier of the invoice.

b. The Order Date should be the date which the invoice is dated.

c. Enter the invoice number on the invoice which has been received.

d. Enter a Description of the order.

e. Sales Rep field can be used to enter the name of the person entering the invoice.

f. Click Add to continue to add the product to the order.

The Order Detail window is displayed.

5. To add products:

a. Enter the Product Code, by using ‘/’ followed by the PDE supplied on the invoice.

b. Enter the Quantity supplied on the invoice.

c. Ensure that the Unit Cost amount is correct. The unit cost will default to the last buy cost.

d. Ensure that the Total (Inc. GST) amount is the same as the amount on the invoice.

e. Click Okay to save.
Repeat Steps 5a-5e until all products have been added.

6. Once all products have been added, click Cancel to close the Order Detail window and to return to the Order Entry window.

a. Ensure that the GST amount matches the GST amount on the Invoice.

b. Ensure that the Total Invoice amount matches the total amount on the Invoice.

7. Click Okay to save the order/invoice.

Next Step: Complete a Manual Invoice