Retail Units are the quantity that a supplier and/or manufacturer require a product to be ordered by.
For example, G/Cross Glucojels 70G x 36.

This product has a retail unit of 36 and this means a pharmacy has to order at least 1 box of 36. 

When the store transmits the order to the supplier, the quantity ordered is reverted to the number of boxes of 36. 

If a store orders 72 Glucojels, Symbion receive the order as 2 boxes of 36. 

When the store collects the invoice electronically, Minfos automatically divides the 2 boxes sent by Symbion into 72 individual packets of the Glucojels and also divides the unit cost by 72.


View Retail Units

From Product Maintenance:

1. Find and highlight the product.

2. Click Suppliers.

The Supplier Product Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Highlight the required supplier, e.g. Symbion Pty Ltd, and click Change.

The Supplier Product Editing window is displayed.

 4. Check the value in the Retail Units field:

a. If it is incorrect, the retail units can be downloaded when collecting the monthly Symbion Wholesaler update.

b. Or, the retail units can be manually updated. It is recommended they are downloaded in the wholesaler updates (Symbion is the only Wholesaler to provide these to Minfos).

5. Once the retail units have been set, the store can then only order in multiples of the retail units.