The following process will outline how to apply:

  • A discounted value or percent amount to a product(s) in an order
  • A Dollar Value discount amount to the whole order
  • A Percentage amount discount to the whole order

From Order Maintenance:

1. Highlight the required order and click Change.

The Order Editing window is displayed.2. Check the Show Discounts check box.3. Click Discounts.The Discounts and Bonuses window is displayed.4. Select one of the following options from the Apply Discount section:

  • Value OR Percentage to 1 Selected Item(s), if percentage ensure you use a % symbol
  • Dollar Value to the Whole Order
  • Percentage to the Whole Order

5. Click Okay to apply the discount.

The Order Editing window is re-displayed with discount levels applied to each product in the discount column.6. Complete the order as per normal process.