This article describes how one store can order for multiple stores in Centralised Ordering (CO), and use the stock transfer process to distribute the stock to stores.

Note This process only works for orders with the same supplier. 

In this example:

  • Store 1: the purchasing store, whose PharmX account will be used for the combined master order
  • Store 2 and Store 3: the other stores participating in the order
  • Supplier: Symbion


Create Orders for Stores

  1. Create Symbion orders for Stores 1, 2 and 3 individually. This can be done through order generation, manual order or order import.


Review Orders

  1. Each store reviews their order and requests stock from other store(s) where appropriate.
  1. If stock transfers are requested at this point, they will appear in the Transfers list screen. These transfer(s) can be issued to the sending store now, because they have the stock available. 
  2. The sending store should action the transfer as soon as possible. Refer to Stock Transfer Process for detailed instructions.


Merge Orders

  1. Select all three Symbion orders for Stores 1, 2 and 3 and click the Merge button to combine the orders.
    • Select store: set Store 1 as the store for the master order 
    • Automatically create transfers for original orders: keep this checkbox ticked to automatically create transfers for Stores 2 and 3

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Description automatically generated

  1. After the merge, two new transfers appear on the Transfers list for Store 1 to send stock to Stores 2 and 3.
  2. These transfers should only be issued after Store 1 has received stock for the master order. 
  3. Review the master order for Store 1, making sure the order quantity is set to optimise the buying price.
  4. In CO, send the master order to PharmX. This will mark the order as Issued in CO. The order will appear in Store 1’s Minfos Order Maintenance screen.


Transfer Stock

  1. Once Store 1 receives and completes the master order, they can pack the stock for Stores 2 and 3, then go to CO and issue the transfers created in step 3.  The two transfers will appear in Store 1’s Minfos Transfers Maintenance screen.
  2. Store 1 transmits and completes the transfers. This will update the SOH for Store 1 in Minfos and in CO.
  3. Stores 2 and 3 collect the transfer from Transfers Maintenance screen. This will update the SOH for Stores 2 and 3 in Minfos and in CO.